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Compliance Officer [Tel-Aviv]

Job description

Our compliance team is responsible to ensure that our market making activities comply with the regulatory requirements and internal policies. Some of the team’s duties and activities include:

Prepare and implement policies and regulations.

Design and implement compliance programs and trainings for management and employees.

Monitor and detect regulatory and trading risks via automated tools.

Communicate with the relevant regulatory authorities.

Perform AML checks on counterparties.

  • Previous experience as a compliance officer at a MiFID II investment firm.
  • Well-organized, methodological and process oriented.
  • Comprehensive view of a technological product, from requirement to user experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • High ethical standards.


  • Responsible and self-driven.

  • Strong multi-tasking skills.

  • Experience in supervising manual software testing and testing methodologies.
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