The BEST human capital in the capital market


The Barak Capital group began its operations as a proprietary trading firm and currently participates in many global markets by employing a wide variety of trading strategies.

Barak’s extensive proprietary trading is managed by dozens of traders, acting in all key markets worldwide. The trading is based on relative value strategies with an emphasis on hedging positions. In addition, Barak develops advanced systems and computerized tools for semi-automated and automated trading,  which combine sophisticated computer programming with years of trading expertise.

The group operates with its own capital and its portfolios are diversified and include investments in a variety of products, including stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities, foreign exchange, interest rate products and other financial instruments.

All trading activities are supervised and monitored online by the group’s team of expert risk managers throughout all trading hours. The team uses a unique tailor-made risk management system that was developed in-house. The system is based on Barak’s knowledge, expertise, and years of experience.


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