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Barak Capital Ltd. and its subsidiaries located in Tel-Aviv and Amsterdam (“the Group”) have prepared this website for information purposes only. The content of the website is intended exclusively for personal use and the distribution or reproduction of the website and/or any of the information contained herein for purposes other than personal use is not permitted. The Group accepts no liability for any damages that may arise directly or indirectly from the use of this website, the information in it or any of the links in it, which the Group does not assess.


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The content on the website contains only general information and the information is not written with any personal circumstances in mind. Therefore, the website does not (1) provide any personal advice; (2) constitute an invitation to participate in any investment activity and/or buy any financial instrument and/or (3) constitute any accounting, consulting, investment, legal, tax or any other type of professional advice. If the user of the website makes a decision based solely on the information on this website, he does so entirely at his own risk and the Group will take no responsibility.


Intellectual Property Rights

The content of this website, including logos, pictures, images and texts may not be used, published or distributed for commercial or other purposes without the prior written permission of the owner.


Barak Capital Market Making BV is regulated by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).
A copy of the Barak Capital Market Making Pillar III disclosure is available upon request from the Compliance Department at +31 20 247 1060

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